Thoughts, They Will Control Your Destiny, Choose Positive Ones

Your thoughts are so powerful – they are ultimately responsible for the kind of life you will have.  I’ll explain why and then how to choose good ones.

For example, I know a woman who let the remark of a teacher who criticized her writing hold her back from being a writer for over 20 years.  When she would make an attempt to write, her thoughts held her back, telling her that what she was going to write wouldn’t be good, so why should she even try.  When she finally trusted herself to try writing, she found that she was good at it.  So, she replaced her thoughts that she wasn’t a good writer with the belief that she was.  In fact, she’s so good that writing that today people pay her to write for them and she has build a six-figure income on it.  But, she wouldn’t have that income and the lifestyle that goes with it if she had kept hold of the thoughts that she was a bad writer.

What limiting beliefs color your thoughts?  Here’s a good exercise.  Take two sheets of paper.  On the first write my limiting thoughts and beliefs.  Write down what comes to mind when you think of stretching your comfort zone.  Do you think you’re too old, too young, too busy, not good enough, etc.  Add to the paper whenever a limiting thought pops into your head.

On the second piece of paper, this will be more fun, write down all your accomplishments.  Go wild here.  Start with that paper that you got gold stars on in grade school, your piano recital that you got a standing ovation, your marriage, job, children.  Get them all down on paper.

Now, if you’re going to let your past become your future – which piece of paper do you want to believe? So, from now on, until it becomes a new habit, whenever you think an old limiting thought – quickly replace it with one that is more positive.


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